Ideas for Teachers to Explore Environmental Solutions

A new, free resource is available to teachers looking for ideas to stimulate classroom conversations about environmental concerns and solutions. Sally Ride Science, the company founded by America's first female astronaut in space, has started the "Living Green" blog at The "Living Green" blog will run through the month of April - just in time for Earth Day - with new postings each week.

The "Living Green" blog provides teachers with innovative ways to connect the classroom to the outside world and discuss the many ways science is used in everyday life. Teachers can introduce students to hot science topics such as climate change, and encourage students to think about ways they can help take care of Earth’s precious resources - air, water, land and other living things - and lessen the burden we place on our planet.

The first blog entry, "Water: Bad News, Good News" is authored by Beth Geiger, a geologist and award-winning science writer who writes extensively for Sally Ride Science. In this blog entry, Geiger discusses the issues of drought and dirty water. Using real-life examples, she illustrates how people around the world are working to address these problems and keep water safe and clean.

Subsequent postings to the "Living Green" blog will be authored by Geiger, Andrew Bridges and other science writers and educators. Bridges is a longtime reporter with a keen interest in science journalism, and has written several books for Sally Ride Science.