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For the first time in US history, the next generation of Americans may be less educated than the previous one. That's just one warning from a panel of experts in a must-read report that calls for a root-and-branch overhaul of schools.

There are warning that Americans face a grave risk of losing their prosperity and high quality of life to better educated workers overseas. A panel of education, labor and other public policy experts proposed a far-reaching redesign of the United States education system that would include having schools operated by independent contractors and giving states, rather than local districts, control over school financing.

Phat Math, Inc. - an exciting new firm based in Miami, Florida - is working hard to tackle some of the problems in our education system. Phat Math, Inc. conducts research, develops content materials and provides various professional services in the field of edutainment - the marriage of the education and entertainment industries. Dr. Mack and her colleagues at Phat Math, Inc. utilize edutainment as a FUN vehicle to promote mathematics proficiency and financial literacy skills.

Phat Math, Inc. has recently launched a new mathematics edutainment social network - The launch of this new social network will be utilized as a FUN vehicle for:

1. Activities to help students develop math proficiency and financial literacy skills.

2. Hosting a database of professional role models, mentors, math coaches, math buddies, career coaches and guidance counsellors for students.

3. Hosting a database of internships, career exploration information for job opportunities, scholarships, grants and loans for students.


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