Westinghouse N-Vision Announces Science Video Contest

Westinghouse Electric Company is sponsoring a science video contest for middle and high school students focusing on energy.

Administered through the company's speaker's bureau, N-Vision, the contest is designed to encourage young persons to think about energy in the context of worldwide political, economic and environmental realities.

The contest is open to all middle and high schools in the United States. To be eligible, each video must outline three key advantages of nuclear power and two other forms of energy. The video can be staged as a short play, commercial, news broadcast, talk show, music video, documentary, etc. Students are encouraged to be creative, yet informative.

There are two categories of entry -- middle school and high school levels. The winning videos in each category will receive the following: the school science department will receive $3,000 for its educational needs; and each student who took part in assisting with the video will receive $100 for school supplies. Specific guidelines can be found on the Contest Application on Westinghouse's website at: http://www.westinghousenuclear.com/ and under the "Communities" section/Student Video Contest on Forms of Energy. Teachers and schools are encouraged to enter interested students in the contest and turn their videos in by May 8, 2009.

Westinghouse's N-Vision Program encourages education of youth in science, technology and mathematics.