Teaching Children Time Management and Productive Computer Use

Parents world wide are striving to keep ahead of the rapid technology growth and maintain a moral standard to raise their kids by. Traditional options of seeking advice from parents and grandparents is falling to the way side as parents face the technology children of today and aim to find a new way to maintain traditional standards. The publishers of Unique Parenting offer free access to their solution to the technology craze with a new computer use contract, Computer Use and Time Management Contract (http://www.uniqueparenting.com/time-management.html)

"In our home I am equally concerned with how much time my children spend on the computer playing games as I am with accessing the internet" shared Michedolene. "I want to teach them how to manage their computer time in a more constructive way than passive play so we developed a time management contract that our children can be actively involved in."

Michedolene is the publisher and co-author of http://www.uniqueparenting.com/, a website that aims to provide parents with simple solutions to building strong families today. "On average our children will spend 3 - 4 hrs a day on the computer" stated Michedolene. "This level of involvement further supports passive learning and separates the family during leisure time."

In her efforts to discourage passive learning and further strengthen her family as a whole she put together the Computer Use and Time Management Contract. The contract outlines the parents expectations and consequences for computer use. Michedolene shared her belief that three things need to be in place when parents desire to limit their child's computer use and this contract is the beginning.

In December 2008, Unique Parenting made available for download their contract on social networking and a parents method for protecting their kids online. Michedolene shared that this new contract takes parents one step closer to teaching their children responsibility with computer use. Be sure to visit http://www.uniqueparenting.com/time-management.html and get your copy today.