Spanish-Language Literacy Programs at Feria del Libro: A Family Book Fair

At today's Feria del Libro: A Family Book Fair, the Pearson Foundation announced its launch of Spanish language versions of the popular literacy programs Jumpstart's Read for the Record and the Pearson Family Book Nights.

Jumpstart's third Read for the Record event takes place on Oct. 2, 2008. By encouraging hundreds of thousands of children and adults to read, Jumpstart aims to break the world record for the number of people reading the same book on the same day, and to make early education a national priority. This year, children, parents, educators, and school and political leaders in communities around the world will read the Penguin classic Corduroy to highlight the importance of early literacy. Read for the Record events are already being planned within the Los Angeles area, and the Pearson Foundation will provide Spanish versions of Corduroy for each of them. As Founding Partner and National Sponsor of Read for the Record, Pearson has raised more than $2 million to support Jumpstart's work in early childhood education.

Pearson Family Book Night brings families together in early childhood centers to share in the joy of reading and learn first-hand about the long-term importance that active, repeated family reading can have in their child's personal and cognitive development. During the two-hour event, children and their families share books and read together, and parents learn simple reading techniques they can employ to help their children. Across Los Angeles, Family Book Nights resume this Fall, and the Pearson Foundation will offer special Spanish-speaking activities and supports for children and their families in select locations.

A community-wide event hosted this year at Los Angeles City Hall, Feria del Libro: A Family Book Fair makes quality, culturally relevant books available to children of all ages and their families. The fair is the culmination of the Million Word Challenge, a literacy campaign promoting a culture of literacy at home and academic achievement at school.