Reading Adventure, a new summer reading program

Summer may mean the end of school and time for play, but it also offers the exciting world of possibilities for reading. Huntington Learning Center is inviting their students on an adventure – a reading adventure!

Reading Adventure is a Huntington summer reading program that builds on themes of discovery and exploration to dramatize how books can transport the reader to a new world of adventure. The first step is for the child to choose one or more books from the provided lists of books that highlight appropriate reading for each grade level. Giving the child the ability to choose the book encourages them to read for pleasure based on their interests. The chosen books are entered into a "passport" and the journey begins. Once a book is read, the child completes a journal and receives a postcard for that book to motivate continued reading and most importantly, to have the child look to reading as a way of exploring new people, places and interests.

"The Reading Adventure program was designed to not only encourage reading, but get students excited about it. Students and teachers discuss what they've read and the joy of reading becomes evident," said Eileen Huntington, co-founder of Huntington Learning Centers. "Their investments of time and energy have yielded tremendous positive results in terms of improved reading ability."

Students' hard work lead up to a celebration in honor of their achievements in the Reading Adventure program at Huntington Learning Centers. Each student who participated in the program will receive a certificate of accomplishment and a trophy to commemorate their success in reading books for their enjoyment over the summer.

"Reading Adventure can be as successful as the child's imagination can expand," Huntington said. "It offers a chance for students to enhance their reading skills and then enter the new school year prepared."

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