Try This Free Web-Based Summer Reading Resource

uBoost has partnered with Weekly Reader and is providing members free access to Weekly Reader online editions and quizzes as well as a host of fun, educational games in a variety of subject areas. To maintain engagement, uBoost awards points based on students' performance which can be redeemed for thousands of relevant rewards.

The rewards catalog includes popular electronic merchandise, online "My Room" customization tools and the opportunity to open a college savings account with a free $5 deposit (no strings attached). uBoost offers students the opportunity to earn based on their intellectual achievements and use their earnings to "give back" by donating to causes that are important to them like caring for orphaned animals, conservationism and contributions towards ending world hunger.

uBoost is defining a new space for learning - just in time for summer. The innovative combination appeals to students in a variety of ways. Learning can take place anywhere (with Internet connectivity) and any time. The ability to customize their virtual room promotes creativity, safe self-expression, and ownership. The ability to earn points for performance encourages academic achievement while empowering students with "purchasing power" (and all the economic lessons that come along with it). Students strive to excel to "beat" their (or others') high scores. Not to mention, the engaging, multi-modal games hook students and make learning fun.

If students are engaged, they will learn. So, it's a great resource to maintain and build reading skills over the summer. Parents, teachers, and students can register for a free account (through August 2008) PLUS receive 250 points at