Kids: Read 10 Books This Summer Get 10 Bucks

Commerce Bank is rewarding kids for keeping their reading levels sharp this summer through its annual Summer Reading Program.

Commerce Bank's Summer Reading Program encourages young people to read and additionally provides a goal for them to learn the importance of saving and money. Commerce contributes $10 into a new or existing young savers account for each child who reads 10 books throughout the summer.

A longtime education proponent, Commerce Bank hopes its Summer Reading Program will help children keep their reading skills sharp and their boredom level low during the summer. According to educators, summer reading is critical in continuing good academic performance and advancing literacy skills. Studies show that children who read several books throughout the summer maintain or surpass the reading skills they achieved during the previous school year.

The Summer Reading Program runs May 5 through September 30, 2008. For more information, visit us online at . Visit the nearest Commerce Bank store for a program brochure or call 888-751-9000.