New Audio Book of Original Bedtime Stories

Creator of Bedtime Stories My Kids Love, early and popular children's podcaster, Mark Linder, has reached an agreement with the newly formed PodShow Press (a division of PodShow, Inc.) to publish in both audio and print form his first book of bedtime stores named, "Bedtime Stories My Kids Love Presents: The Adventures of the Man in the Can."

The new work is a collection of stories about a character named The Man in the Can, and are from the original Bedtime Stories My Kids Love podcast. The stories follow the life of a tiny man that lives inside a soda can in a park. The stories are filled with adventure, intrigue and always a surprise ending. Author and podcaster, Mark Linder describes the new book, "The Man in the Can is one of Bedtime Stories My Kids Love most beloved characters. The tiny man always seems to find himself in impossible situations and somehow, through his ingenuity, steadfastness and the help of his animal and bird friends, always seems to find a way to persevere. This is a great bedtime story that kids will look forward to hearing as an audio series, or hearing you read to them once the book is published."

The audio version of the book can be found on the PodShow Delivery Network at or at The printed version of the book is scheduled for release later this year. The first audio book chapter of the series is available now for listening.