Unveils World's Largest Public Library Advertisement unveiled a new outdoor advertising campaign for public libraries. The campaign entitled "Free Education" aspires to create a greater intellectual life among Bay Area citizens and to help improve the performance of schools and teachers.

"Public libraries are an incredible resource. Yet, a great advertising campaign for public libraries has never been done before. Why not?" asked Matt Spergel, President of "How many more great books will be read? And how many lives will change as a result?" claims the billboard is the world's largest public library advertisement. The advertisement's headline exceeds 41 feet and the call to action spans the length of the billboard at 48 feet. "As far as we know, the world has never seen a public library advertisement of this size," Spergel said.

"Education cannot rest on the shoulders of teachers alone. Parents must also take more resposibility for the education of their children ... and bringing them to the library is an important first step," Spergel added.

The billboard is in Martinez, CA on I-680 south after the Benecia Bridge on the right-hand side.