Five High School Science Teachers Embark on Unforgettable Science Adventure

Five stellar high school biology teachers are about to embark on an unforgettable science adventure. In July, the winners of the Tropical Biology Scholarships 2009 are off on the trip of a lifetime - a two-week field study course at one of the world's most fascinating and important scientific and educational institutions: the Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) in Costa Rica.

Sponsored by Ken Miller and Joe Levine, authors of the world's top-selling high school biology program, the 2009 Tropical Biology Scholarships for teachers are awarded to:

Amy Braverman, Alexander High School, Albany, Ohio
William Hodges, Holt High School, Holt, Mich.
Martin Perlaky, Springfield High School, Holland, Ohio
Lisa Stefanucci, Northwestern High School, Albion, Pa.
Kelly Tripp, West Brunswick High School, Shallotte, N.C.

The winners wrote a compelling essay on how participation in this course at OTS would change the way they teach biology.

The course is co-led by biologist-author Levine and Barbara Bentley, Ph.D., a prominent tropical plant ecologist and master teacher. Together, course participants will explore rainforest and cloudforest ecosystems, investigate the active Arenal volcano and study tropical plants and animals in their native habitats. While visiting these fascinating ecosystems, course participants will design and conduct open-ended field research projects and learn how to teach research with lesson plans based on true inquiry. They will return to their classrooms with pictures, stories and real-life experiences in research and exploration to share with students and colleagues. While in Costa Rica (and when they have Internet access), scholarship winners will "tweet" about their adventures at

Lynda Cloud, senior vice president for science at Pearson, the publisher of Miller and Levine's award-winning biology program, said, "For hundreds of thousands of students and teachers around the world, Ken Miller and Joe Levine's biology programs are the gold standard for science instruction. We look forward to being a part of this great adventure that will make these exemplary teachers even more effective in bringing the world of biology to life for their students."

Joe Levine said, "We were amazed by the passion for teaching biology that was expressed in this year's scholarship essays. Ken and I are thrilled at this confirmation by teachers that biology is indeed a living science."

He continued, "As we prepare for our trip, I share the winners' excitement. Although I've been studying and working at places like OTS for many years, every time I lead a hands-on field science course, I learn more about the natural world and return home with new and creative ways of integrating what I've learned into teaching biology. I know that this course will expand and enhance our scholarship winners' teaching and help them bring tropical ecosystems, and a real understanding of the nature and process of science, to life for their students. Previous winners - all of whom were skilled and knowledgeable teachers to begin with - have been thrilled at the way our course offered, not only specific information about tropical organisms and ecosystems, but also first-hand experience in the way field research is done."

Originally, this year's scholarship program planned to name two winners, but because of the overwhelming number of top-flight essays submitted by biology teachers around the country, Pearson supported three additional awards. To read the winning essays, go to

The five winners all exemplify Ken and Joe's commitment to real biology education, as demonstrated in the new and innovative edition of their high school biology program, "Miller & Levine Biology." This new program takes a bold approach to science instruction, combining a proven foundation of academic success with the power of new technology.

Through the program's new digital center,, students meet their partners in the adventure of learning about biology - a team of "ecogeeks" who have created lively and engaging videos that infuse curriculum topics with new relevance for students. Described by Levine as "science reality TV," "Untamed Science" offers the perfect blend of energy, enthusiasm and solid scientific knowledge.

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