iStorytime Turns the iPhone into a Library of Narrated Children's Books

The iPhone, today introduced iStoryTime, a series of illustrated and narrated children's book applications. The first three stories are now available for download on the iPhone App Store. Parents with an iPhone 3G, iPhone or iPod® touch can now turn their favorite portable device into educational entertainment for the kids (ages 2-7) when they're on the go. iStoryTime books are available globally (English only) for $1.99 on the iPhone App Store in 80 countries.

iStoryTime is a self-navigating and self-narrating book application that is drop dead simple for anyone to use. Even a two-year old. The app, which can be narrated by either an adult or child's voice, automatically flips the pages of the book while the child follows along. The words to the story are also included onscreen so beginning readers can make associations between the words they hear and the words they see. iStoryTime books available beginning today include:

* The Wiener Dog Magnet - The story of a monkey who buys a small dog magnet…with disastrous and hilarious results. Thanks to his creativity, the little monkey makes the best of the situation and saves the day. Written and illustrated by Hayes Roberts and narrated by Jen Muench and Laci Schooner.

* Shoe-per Duper Shoes - All kinds of grown up shoes come to life in this funny adventure. Written by Woody Sears. Illustrated by Zach Sather. Narrated by Jen Muench and Laci Schooner.

* The Brave Monkey Pirate - The story of a monkey pirate who has to go to the hospital and get a shot, but finds something magical that helps him become brave. Written and illustrated by Hayes Roberts and narrated by Jen Muench and Laci Schooner.

"iStoryTime provides mind-enriching entertainment for the kids while making life a little easier for mom or dad," said Graham Farrar, founder of iStoryTime and FrogDogMedia. "Instead of having to resort to movies or video games to occupy your child when you need a few minutes to finish the grocery shopping, are out at a restaurant, or stuck in traffic, you can give them a story they'll will want to hear and see again and again."

iStoryTime will publish new apps in the near future featuring a variety of stories from new and upcoming authors and illustrators. The next book in the iStoryTime library will be:

* Binky the Pink Elephant - The story of an elephant whose journey teaches her that being different can also be admirable. Written by Sonowa Jackson. Illustrated by Jaclyn Mednicov and narrated by Jen Muench and Laci Schooner

To download any of the iStoryTime apps, please visit the iPhone App Store. To find out more information about the iStoryTime children's book series for the iPhone, please visit


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