Washtenaw Literacy Programs Help Low-Literate Adults Get and Keep Jobs

Washtenaw Literacy, a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating adult illiteracy, is responding to the current economic crisis by offering special workshops and Employment Packets chock full of practical tools. Workshops are geared to adults with limited literacy skills who are struggling to find or retain employment. Workshop participants discuss workplace scenarios created by the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth based upon feedback from Michigan employers and the National Work Readiness Council.

The interactive workshop format provides opportunities to learn from Situation Judgment stories. Participants learn how to best resolve problems in the workplace, a skill valued by employers. Written at a 4th to 6th grade reading level, the stories can effectively be used by a broad range of participants.

Employment Packets contain a variety of useful tools including: tips and statistics specifically for women; job search instructions; sample applications; resume and cover letter assistance; sample interview questions and interview conduct guidance; and ideas on managing an effective work-life balance once employed.

Amy Goodman, Executive Director of Washtenaw Literacy, describes the effort this way: "With Michigan's unemployment rate the highest in the nation, helping low-literate adults develop the skills they need to be successful is a major priority for Washtenaw Literacy. Beyond these practical support services that we are offering, we are working to engage the corporate community in our fight."

Website: http://www.washtenawliteracy.org/


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