TeacherJobs.com OffersTeaching Jobs Free for Schools and Job Seekers

TeacherJobs.com is the first and only high ranking national educational recruiting website that allows full access to their database of pre-screened teachers and administrators. TeacherJobs.com also gives schools the ability to post unlimited teaching jobs. This free cutting edge technology automatically matches job seekers to open positions, searches teacher profiles and documentation, and maintains a record of those who have been contacted. The website is easy to use and available 24/7.

Jack Kronsor, Human Resources Director of Recruitment for Douglass County School District, the third largest district in Colorado serving more than 54,000 students, states "TeacherJobs utilizes technology and their years of recruiting experience to bring together schools, school districts and teacher candidates for their mutual benefit."

Teachers and administrators looking to relocate now have direct access to their targeted areas of interest. Hard to find teachers such as Math, Science, Foreign Language and Special Education will now have a national list of openings to find that "right fit."

Other positions available for online job search assistance include Superintendents, Assistant/Deputy Superintendents, Principals, Teacher Personnel as well as Business/ Finance/Purchasing. K-12 schools listing their open positions include public, charter, private and Catholic at the elementary, middle, junior and senior high levels.

Bill Hall, founder of TeacherJobs.com states "We want to level the playing field. Frequently, charter schools and inner city schools cannot afford access to sophisticated national recruiting databases. With this free online service now offered by TeacherJobs.com, all schools can compete and job seekers will be exposed to schools they may not have considered."

Given the current economic climate and dwindling school budgets, TeacherJobs.com is sure to become a site for sore eyes. These features save schools time searching for qualified candidates and significantly reduce the cost of advertising, travel, and job fairs.

Hall further adds "Some states are paying tens of thousands of dollars for similar online recruitment services. Hopefully this free recruiting assistance can redirect funds toward our future, namely our students."

Website: http://www.teacherjobs.com/


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