Search Invites Kids Ages 6-12 to Create a New Friend for Arthur

Calling all ARTHUR fans! Do you have an idea for a new friend for Arthur, D.W. or Buster? Well, here's your chance to create a character for Elwood City. ARTHUR, the award-winning PBS KIDS GO! television series, and CVS Caremark All Kids Can, a program dedicated to making life easier for kids with disabilities, have teamed up to announce the "ARTHUR/All Kids Can Character Search"!

The "ARTHUR/All Kids Can Character Search" invites children ages 6-12 to send in their ideas for a new character for Arthur. And not just any character--one who can show that having a unique ability, character trait, or disability might make life a little bit different, but not any less fun. Kids need to mail in their entries, and include a drawing of their character and a description of what makes them special, by March 31, 2009. The child with the selected idea, along with their character, will be featured in a live-action segment on the ARTHUR show. In addition, he or she will receive a visit from ARTHUR creator and author Marc Brown at the child's school, local library, or PBS member station.

The character search is designed to educate children about the importance of inclusion and how children of all abilities can play together. It also encourages parents and children to think about what life is like for someone they know who has a disability.

"We're looking for an exciting new character, who can show the gang in Elwood City that children come in all shapes, sizes and abilities," said ARTHUR Senior Producer Jacqui Deegan. "Over the years, ARTHUR has helped children to embrace other kids' unique characteristics as well as their own, and this new character will continue that tradition."

CVS Caremark All Kids Can supports programs and services that help children with disabilities learn, play, and succeed in life. For over 11 years, ARTHUR has celebrated the importance of friendship and the value of accepting and including kids with different abilities from all walks of life. For instance, Buster shows that kids with asthma can do just about anything, Marina shows her friends what it's like to be blind, George succeeds as a student with dyslexia, and Carl—in an upcoming season—will share what it's like to have autism.

The selected character will be chosen by a panel of judges including the producers of the ARTHUR show, and colleagues from CVS Caremark All Kids Can. The panel includes Tolon Brown from Marc Brown Studios; Terri Mauro,'s Guide to Parenting Special Needs; Matt Cavedon from Boundless Playgrounds; Katy Beh Neas, Vice President of Government Relations for Easter Seals; and Susan Kane, Editor-in-Chief of Parenting magazine. Nine additional finalists will receive prize packages including CVS gift cards and ARTHUR merchandise.

Fans can visit to download the entry form. Entries must be postmarked by March 31, 2009.