Blue Zoo: A New Blog for Young Writers

Attention: teachers, librarians, parents, grandparents . . . do you know a young writer you want encourage?

Here's a great new resource: Blue Zoo Young Writers blog. It offers practical help and inspiration for middle school and young teen writers.

Blue Zoo ( offers lots of fun ideas and activities to help young writers with all sort of writing projects: poetry, stories, articles for a school paper, book reviews, and lots more.

The ideas range from story starters to samples to quick exercises for a writing journal, all designed to teach writing techniques used by successful writers.

Want to get young writers' work published? Blue Zoo gives details on places to submit work for publication (recommended print magazines or online sites), plus news about good writing contests.

Blue Zoo is focused on fun and good writing. It has application for homeschooling assignments or in classroom literary arts programs. But the focus is on motivating young writers to write well for their own satisfaction.

Blue Zoo offers a path to writing success and enjoyment.

Please help us! Pass on the Blue Zoo link to local teachers, librarians, and parents . . . and online to friends and bloggers interested in writing and encouraging young writers.