Nimble Press launches an online community for grant seekers

Each year, teachers spend an average of $500 of their own money on classroom materials. As budget cuts hit classrooms and personal pocketbooks, more and more teachers are seeking classroom grants. Private foundations contributed more than $4 million dollars to education in 2007 (28,521 grants)*, but the application process remains confusing and lonely. My Grant Wrangler ( provides the first online community for grant givers, seekers, and writers to join in conversation and learn from one another.

My Grant Wrangler is a free social networking site for grant seekers, grant writers, and grant givers to share their experiences, ideas, and knowledge and streamline the grant giving process. With close to 300 members and growing, My Grant Wrangler features forums, current grants information, photo diaries, blogs, and groups for grant givers, grant writers, librarians, and teachers.

My Grant Wrangler enables K-12 grant seekers to start a discussion on a particular grant, request feedback on what makes an ideal proposal, or ask about finding grants. Those who have already won a grant can provide feedback to givers, communicate with other winners of a specific grant, offer advice to current grant-seekers, and describe how they have utilized their classroom grants. Grant writers can visit My Grant Wrangler to connect to a community of K-12 grant seekers and offer their expertise, while grant givers can spread the word about their resources, attract stronger proposals, find out what other givers are doing, and learn how to establish a succinct and sound judging process.

Anyone can join by visiting