Family Reading Encouraged During National Book Month

Educators from Kumon Math and Reading Centers across the country are encouraging families to make reading a priority.

Kumon invites families to visit a local center in October in honor of National Book Month to receive a copy of its free Recommended Reading List. Kumon offers 350 titles, designed to help parents select books that enhance their children's appreciation and understanding of the English language and develop a lifelong love for reading.

"The books parents select should match the child's level of ability and should pique his or her interest in a particular topic," said Dr. Mary Mokris, education specialist for Kumon. "If your child loves to help cook, consider books that highlight foods from around the world, or if he or she dreams of imaginary lands and characters, then books of the fantasy genre would be ideal. Our recommended reading list provides a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction titles, including those with multicultural themes."

At least a third of Kumon's Recommended Reading List books have won literary awards from renowned organizations such as the National Book Foundation and Pulitzer. The list also highlights a section of books perfect for parents to read aloud with their younger children.

"Reading builds vocabulary and is the one activity which can help to improve children's experiences in all school subjects. Most importantly, it's a perfect way to make memories that last a lifetime," Dr. Mokris added.

Select centers will host book drives and other reading-themed activities throughout October. For more information about Kumon or for a list of nearby Kumon Centers visit: or call 800-ABC-MATH.