On-Line Children's Book Registry

Parents finally have a rewarding alternative to the chaos and clutter that has taken over the world of gift registries. My Book Stork is a philanthropic children's book registry designating 5% of sales to charity. My Book Stork inspires imagination, brings families together, creates an enthusiasm for books that contributes to the future academic success of children, and maximizes the contribution reading makes to the quality of our lives.

My Book Stork features an innovative charitable program that allows customers to expand their giving by lending a hand to those in need. My Book Stork has partnered with a growing list of carefully selected organizations such as Children's Memorial Hospital, Kids Korps USA, 1st Touch Foundation, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, and Global Green USA, creating opportunities for everyone to make a difference. Each time a book or gift basket is purchased for a child, five percent of the sale is donated to the organization of the customer's choice. The simple act of giving the gift of reading to one child can impact the lives of countless others!

Parents who register at My Book Stork set into motion a powerful chain of events. Their child benefits from the fabulous gifts literature provides; family and friends are honored by being invited to play a lasting role in the support network of the child and now have a convenient and reliable way to give a gift that they know will be cherished and appreciated. By choosing specific books, the parents control the type of gifts coming into their home, eliminating duplicate and unwanted books. And, more than with any other baby gift, parents can feel satisfaction in knowing that the joy of this special moment in life is magnified by the gift of books to their child, and the gift of giving to the many who benefit from charitable giving.

Setting up a book registry for your baby or toddler is free, simple, and fun. Visit http://www.mybookstork.com/, go to the "My Registry" page where the instructions will walk you through the process with ease.


Anderson said...

What a great idea! Thank you for sharing. I love how this site combines books and charity, two of the most important things our children could have in their lives!

weecowmom said...

Another great children's book registry Site to register at is www.weecow.com - it's very simple and cute...it was created by a mom which is nice because we know what our kids like. Happy reading everyone!