Math Video Website Helps Level Playing Field This Pi Day

Coming this Pi Day, SchoolVids, LLC presents, a website that will change the way America thinks about and learns math. Combining math education and video file sharing capabilities, brings a fresh approach to the strategy of teaching to many different types of learners. The vision of is to provide every student in the country with an equal opportunity to access high quality lessons on math topics ranging from middle school through college to improve mathematical literacy in the 21st century. benefits struggling students who need extra help, accelerated students with an interest in getting ahead, home-schooled students, and even collegiate math majors with nowhere to turn for help in high-level math classes. The videos also can be used by math teachers in the classroom as an alternative to high-priced educational videos. provides math teachers, college students, or any other willing and able person with additional income for submitting videos to the collection, provided a certified math teacher approves them.

Videos that are taught by people all over the country are collected, approved, reviewed, rated, and finally made available for any student with an Internet connection and a subscription to view. believes that every student can benefit from having a virtual library of hundreds of math topics at his fingertips, taught in a way that is understandable to him.

For a limited time, as the site builds up its video library, a subscription to is free. More details and information about how or why to sign up can be found at