Free Podcasting Guide Available to Students and Educators

PoducateMe: Practical Solutions for Podcasting in Education is a comprehensive, fully illustrated guide detailing how to create and distribute podcast recordings to students through the Internet. Students and educators have a new and free online resource available to help them use podcasting in the classroom.

"PoducateMe contains the information I wish I had available to me in one resource when I first started investigating how to podcast," said Micah Ovadia, the guide's author. "I believe people interested in learning the technology will find the information I've assembled very helpful."

With more than 190 pages of searchable, step-by-step instructions, the easy-to-use guide, available now through the PoducateMe website, takes the mystery out of topics including:

* What is a podcast?
* Selecting appropriate podcasting equipment and software
* Recording, editing and polishing a podcast
* Creating an "enhanced" podcast containing links and graphics
* Uploading a podcast to the Internet
* Creating a podcast blog
* Sharing podcasts with students

The entire guide is available to read for free online at


Jammin Dave said...

Keep in mind the information you are reading should be from people who are podcasting. Be careful. If you need more coaching I can help.

Dave Jackson