Teachers.Net Gazette Web Magazine is Back

Teachers.Net ushered in the new year by unveiling the revival of its popular web magazine, the Teachers.Net Gazette, including a new, updated format that more effectively showcases a broad array of articles, features, lessons and activities written by and for teachers and school administrators.

Readers of the January Teachers.Net Gazette will learn when to celebrate National Popcorn Day, Backwards Day and National School Nurses' Day; access video bytes showing dynamic lessons; read which 3 attributes teachers say are most important in a school principal; download free drawings and a printable calendar for use in the classroom; learn how to use a masking tape bracelet to motivate student writers; find tips for classroom management and planning the most effective workshop; read jobs listings, teacher classified ads, inspirational quotes, and much more.

According to Teachers.Net co-owner Bob Reap, the Teachers.Net Gazette is a collaborative project that includes articles by noted experts in the field of education alongside contributions by classroom practitioners, many of whom are members of the global Teachers.Net community.

"While we eagerly seek out and publish material offered by the most well known experts in the field of education, we feel it is important to include the other experts, the teachers and school administrators who offer a from-the-trenches perspective," Reap says.

Website: http://www.teachers.net/