Family Literacy Day Celebrates 10 Years

ABC CANADA Literacy Foundation, Honda Canada and children's writer Robert Munsch have been calling on Canadian families to read, write, surf and sing together to make family literacy a priority in their homes. The program continues to be important because low literacy is a daily challenge for four out of 10 adult Canadians, age 16 to 65 - representing 9 million Canadians.

Family Literacy Day (FLD) can be celebrated everyday - by simply setting aside 15 minutes of family time to read, play board games or even follow a recipe together. "We encourage all families to read and learn together," says Margaret Eaton, President, ABC CANADA. "15 minutes a day goes a long way for the parent and the child. Those precious minutes can prepare children for challenges ahead, encourage a lifetime of reading enjoyment and can sharpen the adult's literacy skills."

There are thousands of FLD events taking place this week in schools, libraries, community centres and homes across Canada thanks to the support of numerous volunteers who contribute to the program's success.

Parents and children alike can gain the following benefits from simple reading activities:

- Reading with your child at an early age can lead to independent reading by school age.

- Celebrating reading and books in your home has a positive impact on your child's future academic skills.

- Children who see their parents engaging in learning are more likely to become lifelong learners.
For more information on Family Literacy Day, including family literacy tips, activity ideas and event information, visit the ABC CANADA website: